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Fun with Strings is a set of four weekly lessons offered in term 3. The lessons are designed as a “taster” for students brand new to the violin. The school provides a music folder, a violin for the four weeks and lessons. At the end of the fourth week, students are awarded with a certificate of completion and any student wishing to pursue violin studies can make arrangements with a private tutor. Please note: the lessons may be held during school time, however this is dependent upon approval from the school.

Elementary Strings is open to students playing the violin or cello. It begins in Term One and has one hour rehearsal per week. The ensemble is led by Ms Katrina Papallo. Students should be having regular private tuition with a professional teacher for 3 months prior to joining. The aim of the ensemble is to experience making music in a group and for the development of basic ensemble skills, following the baton and gaining reading and listening skills.

Entry criteria:

  1. Students should have been learning for 3 months and having regular private lessons;

  2. Be able to setup their own instrument - shoulder rest, bow etc;

  3. Be able to pizzicato and play with the bow;

  4. Have some basic music reading skills;

  5. Be able to use 3 fingers on the fingerboard;

  6. Be able to focus and follow instructions from the Conductor;

Performances include: Music Camp (Sunday only) Northern Beaches Instrumental Festival, School Assembly and the End of year School Concert.

Intermediate Strings is lead by Ms Katrina Papallo. It is designed as a 2-3 year course, although occasionally and by audition, students can progress into String Orchestra after one year. Every year, different repertoire is studied. The ensemble covers a wide range of different styles of music, including: Folk, Cultural, Celebratory, Seasonal, Modern, Pop, Baroque and Classical.

The Ensemble participates in many wonderful performance opportunities at school and outside of school, such as: School Music Camp, Northern Beaches Instrumental Festival, Australian School Orchestral Festival, Kindy Orientation Day, Infants Presentation Day, End of year School concert. The ensemble has been very successful in the Ryde Eisteddfod and Australian School Orchestral Festival.

Entry criteria:

Entry to this group is by audition. Students should have been taking private lessons for at least 1-2 years. They should be able to read music competently. Students who are in Grade 1 AMEB or have completed Suzuki book 1 or equivalent are encouraged to audition.

String Orchestra is the school's most advanced string ensemble, conducted by Adrian Mansukhani.  String Orchestra has won many prizes since its establishment in 2003. They perform regularly at school, Opera House and at various Eisteddfods, public and private venues. Ensemble skills are further developed while the student's musical, technical and aural skills are expanded and challenged.

Entry criteria:

Entry to this group is by audition. Students should be committed to their instrument and be studying with a professional teacher.  Students who are in AMEB grade 2 or book 3 Suzuki (or equivalent) and onwards are encouraged to audition. Please note that participation in an audition does not guarantee membership in the ensemble.

Rehearsal Schedule

* Between 1-3 groups depending on demand and school commitments.

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