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Year 5 iPad Program 2019


At St Ives North Public School, our Year 5 students have the opportunity to engage with the exciting world of digital curriculum possibilities through our 1-to-1 technology program. Our learning experiences are purposefully designed to support life-long learners as each student develops the knowledge, skills, practices and attitudes necessary to be an engaged, 21st century citizen.

From 2018, this program will embrace iPad technology, fostering strong student engagement and involvement in their learning.

What to Buy For Year 5 Students ONLY

Students will need an iPad with iOS 12 to support the educational apps that we will be using in class. We recommend Apple’s iPad WiFi 32GB (6th Generation), a great value, powerful device. But if you already have one of the devices listed below and would like to use it, they can also be upgraded to run iOS 12.

Students will need the following items:

iPad Device

iPad 6th Generation, 32GB or

iPad 5th Generation, 32GB or

iPad Air 2, 32GB or
iPad Pro, 32GB

iPad Case

A sturdy, protective case to suit your iPad model. Ideally the case will offer a solid back construction with an easy to use design for standing the iPad up during filming and video work. It is also preferable that the case offers a raised lip to protect the edge of the touchscreen. Other factors to consider is ease of charging, access to buttons such as on/off, volume and camera lens functionality. Some cases include an integrated keyboard. If you feel that a keyboard and/or Apple Pencil may be useful for your child’s needs, you might like to consider this option. However, it is by no means a requirement of the program.

Headphones (earbuds)

Please provide a set of earbuds to be kept at school at all times. To help protect your earbuds, please store them in a small drawstring bag.

Apple Purchase Portal

We have organised special pricing for our students with Apple, but feel free to shop around and find the best deal you can.

Click here to visit the Apple online store for St Ives North Public School students, or HERE to go directly to our preferred iPad device.

iPad Program Levy

To cover some of the costs of running the iPad program at the school, a $30 levy will be charged to families each year.

How we Manage iPads

We use software called ZuluDesk to manage student and staff iPads at school.  It allows us to set configurations and install apps for use in class, and combined with Apple Classroom on the teacher iPads, guide students learning during class.

At the start of 2019, student iPads will be setup for the year by our IT team. iPads will be wiped and connected to ZuluDesk and returned to students setup with apps, ready for their two years of learning ahead.

PLEASE NOTE:  iPads will be WIPED during setup

Students should NOT bring their iPads with photos or documents which are not backed up, as iPads will be wiped at the start of the year to configure them to the school system.


The school will install all the apps required for learning in class.  These will be installed using ZuluDesk on the setup day, and we may add/remove apps during the year as learning needs require.  The use of these apps are covered as a part of your iPad program levy.

You may choose to allow your child to install apps for home use, and this can be done AFTER the iPads have been configured for school use.  The school may apply a configuration to hide home apps on student iPads whilst at school if they become a distraction for learning.

Apple ID

Students will need an Apple ID to access some learning materials, and we HIGHLY recommend you setup an Apple ID for your child using Family Sharing.  This allows you to keep control of your child’s account, approving requests for home-use apps if you allow them to install apps in addition to the apps we provide from school.  You may also wish to enable ‘Find My iPad’ using this Apple ID in case the iPad is lost.

Here is information about setting up Family Sharing:




If you need help setting up Family Sharing, see the support section below.

Getting Help

There are two options if you need help with the iPad, or setting up Family Sharing.

Ask the staff at Apple Hornsby, or Chatswood to assist you with your iPad.

Call AppleCare on 1300 760 237 and quoting PIN 3232.

As part of the NSW Department of Education support agreement with Apple, students and families can call AppleCare for ongoing support with their products.